7 thoughts on “Xiamen ChaoLi Electronic Co.,Ltd”

  1. DO NOT SEND ANY MONEY TO hknetcn.com or deal with “KIKI” or anybody else on this email fengche@hknetcn.com. It Is an elaborate scam and I cant believe the Chinese government who let these people operate in their country and let the website stay availible to the public, Knowing full well its a Scam worse than the Nigerians. I have had $2000 us dollars stolen by this company and will never buy from China ever again. I hpope the rest of the world takes note and does the same. In My country Australia! you would be hunted down and Jailed within months. Poor form China and KiKi/ hknetcn.com, You have a fantastically realistic website. its a pitty you are mere criminals, liars with no morals. My children now have no Chtistmas and Karma will get you guys.

  2. I have just realised i have been scammed by this company: Xiamen chao li electronic ltd.How can the chinese govt allow people to exist?

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