Alibaba Fair Trade Fund

How to open a case with the Alibaba Fair Trade Fund.

How do I report a fraud case?

1. Go to Sign in with your registered email and password3. Complete the necessary information and submit
If you do not have an account yet, please click here to register with the email address you used to contact the party you wish to complain about.
You can view updates or provide further information after successfully submitting your complaint on our Complaint Center.
Case handling procedure: 
1. Collect evidence from the buyer. Depending on case type, different evidence may be required such as below:

a) Payment document (bank slip, etc.)

i.   Payment via bank transfer (T/T): Must have bank stamp/chop

ii.  Payment via Western Union: Must include MTCN

iii. Payment via online banking: Screenshot of the entire transaction page. Must include URL and payment status

iv.  Complete correspondence between both parties

b) Delivery documents

c) Contract or Proforma Invoice

d) Third-party inspection documents

e) Photos of products received including delivery package

2. Case substantiated.

a) will request the supplier to submit evidence to counter the complaint within 2-3 working days.

3. Solution.

a) If we consider the complaint to be a normal trade dispute, we will inform supplier of the dispute and ask them to contact you within 3-5 days.

b) If we consider the complaint to be valid (the supplier is suspected of fraudulent activities), we will suspend the supplier’s account for 15 days.

c) If the complaint is not resolved within the suspension period; the supplier’s account will be terminated and blacklisted. Buyers who filed complaints resulting in the removal of a Gold Supplier from will be eligible for a payout from our Fair Play Fund.

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