WesLong536@Gmail. com

Hello – Any accidents that you know of? Anything major? I have been having problems with messages going through here on Craigslist. If you can, send a message to me direct instead. I will leave my email below for you. Thanks!

My email: WesLong536(at)Gmail_com – (you’ll have to retype that to work)

Maybe check your spam folder too – I have seen some of the messages ending up in there for some reason. Thanks! Talk to you soon.


Hi! I just viewed your ad posted on Craigslist. I can have a look at it today between 3:40-8:30pm. I will be in church service till 2:30 pm, Since Sunday is my off day and I can come around to check it out anytime provided . Could you possibly show it to me today ?, I can come when i leave the Church on my way home before i have some rest or first thing tomorrow morning. Let me know what best time i can come to take a look it, i want to be sure it’s still in good condition before i purchase it and i’m ready to pay in person by cash, What’s the last asking price?…You can email me here @ Genia6jy@gmail.com . Let me know asap. Thanks!