Your response is appreciated think the asking price is fair, you can send me some close up pictures of listed item so as to speed up sales ASAP.I will arrange for it to be picked up by a mover who will be coming for the pick up once the payment clears because I will not be able to come for inspection due to my disability but the mover will do that when he comes for the pick up so shipping is excluded and I hope I wont be disappointed. Your money will be send to you through Paypal which l believe is safe and secured for both of us, I will also be responsible for the transportation charges. All I need from you now is to hold the item while I make preparation for the payment to be issued.Please forward to me the following information so I can effect the payment for it to get to you soon then we can arrange for pick up at your own convenience. Your full name and your Paypal email address if you do have an account and if not you can set up one at WWW.PAYPAL.COM it takes little time to register. Can you please let me know if you are the first owner and why you are selling?.

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