Good, I appreciate your response to my inquiry. I really want to buy this item from you. but I’m sorry I won’t be able to come see it anymore,am embarking on an urgent business trip to paris today,I thot im gonna be able to come to your town that got changed but I still want it anyway,pls remove the advert from Web, i don’t mind adding $50 extra for you to do that, so i can be rest assured that the item is held for me. I should believe it is in good condition as stated. i will be making the payment via check,so i will need your full name that will be on the check and your full address and phone # where you can easyly receive the package via courier and i will arrange for the pickup myself. Also i need to have an understanding with you because the payment i will be sending will run in excess which after you faithfully deduct your own exact amount from it then you will give the balance to the moving company after you might have cashed the check and have cash with you , please get back to me if you are okay with this and i will implore you to remove the ads off craigslist because i really want to purchase this asap you can text me onĀ 571 249-4131

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  1. The person must make a lot of emergency trips to Paris. I got the same message today for an item in the Richmond, VA area.


  2. Had that same e-mail sent to me on craigslist for a table. They later say they need to have the money wired to a specific moving company to have arrangements made to pick it up. A TOTAL SCAM! Also this person used the name Keane Norwick and Tyler Holmes.

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