Hello! let’s do like this, actually now I’m not in town for now for vacation i wont be able to meet with you but am okay with the price as seen on the advert, I’ll proceed in issuing a Check out to you and when you received the check , I will make arrangement for pick-up. So get back to me with below details asap. Name: Address: City: State: Postal Code: Phone Number: And as soon as this is provided, the payment will mail out via USPS Priority mail to you and i will let you know when its mailed out. I need you to be honest with the sale as I am a God fearing person. Thanks God Bless.

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  1. Hello, I am new to Craigs List, and I was so stupid, my husband and I have been trying to start a new business and have been working on Craigs List and Ebay and we have been doing good until this morning and found out we trusted one person to many, we were scammed by a Michael Frank, when I received the check I checked out if the company and bank were real well of course it was but evidently I didn’t check everything out good enough, because now I found him on this site. Anyway I don’t know where to go from here, now I have to try to find a way to get out of the trouble I am in now for being so stupid. I wish I would have found this site before I got myself into the trouble I am in now. If you have any information on how I can turn this guy in I would appreciate any help you could give me. Thank You Janell Hale


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