Hi , I am willing to rent a room or seek roommates who is nice and honest. My name is Tina and I am 28yrs, Single, never been married, I am originally from Harrisburg, PA but I am currently out of the United States, I should return back to the State, as soon as I am able to secure a room where I will stay. I am honest, trustworthy and caring person, who enjoy making good friends, I dont smoke and I dont drink ( but I am not against it), my hobbies are traveling, and Singing, I go to a friends party, but I dont stay late at night. I would have loved to come and look at the room, but I am not in the States yet, so I will trust you on what you tell me regards the room. I am currently working for GVI (GLOBAL VISION INTERNATIONAL) and I travel most times to the UK, I work as resercher on a construction Project/Research and Exploration Expedition. I am moving back to the States. this very week, I have plans to staying back in the States, and look for a part-time job with my degree in Marketing, have thought about it carefully and I want to move to friendly city, where I can start my own life different from the one I have lived in the UK while working with my company GVI and the part-time job I will get any moment from now. So I just want you to confirm the rent including utilities and if there is any deposit, whats the amount to move in all together? I am willing to stay for up to 8 months but I can move out during this 8 months if you want me to, as soon as I arrange payment for 2 months rent and deposit, when do I move in? What is the closest international airport to the house? I will ask my company’s associate in the US to send you a payment to cover for 2 months to confirm my willingness to occupy your space. Please forward me your full details where you would want the payment be mailed to: (Full Name)…… (Address):….. (City, Zip Code):… (Email):… (Direct Phone):… Thanks, I will be waiting for your details so I can proceed with the payment, I have also forwarded you my picture so you will know how I look. Regards,

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