Keesha Median

Hey there i was wondering if you still have this available?

Sure, thank you for getting back to me. Turns out i can’t really buy it right now anyhow… my son just crashed the back of my van so now i have to see how much money its gonna cost to do the repair. UGH!

Thank god nobody got hurt but of course it needed to happen NOW, when i’m finally making really good money with this home income program i’ve been doing. You know, if you want, theyve just opened up 2 more positions in our area. Basically you make money by posting links online, it’s very easy and I just do it while watching tv.

Heres the link if you wanna read about it:

I’ve earned about $500 a week since I started.. not enough to stop working yet but i actually have some spare money in my bank account. Well, probably not after i see the mechanic bill lol. My sister is planning on signing up later and these positions usually go fast, so Id appreciate it if you didn’t give the link to anyone else. Thanks!

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