Hello XXXXX, thanks for the reply.I’m still interested in this as i believe this is a good deal for me.I priced similar piece here and it is more than twice of your price so I concluded this must be bought from you. It is just that i won’t be able to come see it anymore as my business appointment in your area has been postponed,I had thought I would use that opportunity to drop by and conclude arrangements with you.I am buying this for my cousin as birthday gift.I still want this and I believe we can move forward,after all, I have seen it and I think I am satisfied.More so,if there is any repairs at all to be made,it is going to be on me bearing the consequence of not seeing it before buying.I will mail you bank official check for the quoted price,and also add funds to cover the shipping to where it will be needed. I will arrange a private shipper to handle the delivery so it doesn’t stress you..Let me know if all these is fully understood and if it is something you would like to move on with by sending me your full name and address for the check.Thanks



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  1. I received almost the same message. Luckily, some web searching led me to this page. The person/email using this scam was “Wilson Smith” (wilsonoffice001@gmail.com). I’m going to post his exact email to this site in a separate post.

  2. Got this email from Wilson Smith @ wilsonstores003@gmail.com.
    I thought it seemed strange- I am not shipping a washer and dryer and I am not giving out my information. I looked it up on google and found a ton of information on this guy scamming other people.

    Hi ,
    How are u doing ? Thanks so much for writing back. I’m Sorry but I
    won’t be able to come see it anymore. I was gonna be dropping in your
    town in the next 2 days, my business appointment there has been
    postponed to last Monday in January. I’m still very very much
    interested in buying this, I need it for my god Cousin. Can it still
    be sold to me? I will mail you a bank official check for the quoted
    price, any repairs will be on me, bearing the consequences of not
    seeing before buying and also add funds to cover the shipping to where
    it will be needed. I’ll arrange a shipper to handle the whole delivery
    process so it doesn’t stress you in anyway. Is this something you can
    work with? I’ll be very much delighted if it can be sold to me. Email
    me back with your name, address and a phone number for the check.

  3. Wilson struck again! He left me similar emails to the others requesting to purchase a milk refrigerator. The check did not clear. This is a scam!!! Wilson Smith is a liar!!


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