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  1. joewilson1909@gmail.com is spamming d-bag. here is his message back to me:

    Am a very busy person, i will be arranging for the pickup with a private shipping company,and my shipper will take over the packing and other document that am suppose to sign ….all that is required for me to have your money sent is just for you to get back to me with your paypal email address or send me money request through your paypal account . And the shipping company will be available to process/pick up everything during pick-up and after you must have received your money cash in hand. I can only feel secured sending my funds via paypal due to there various security measures at ensuring safe and secured transaction between buyer/seller. However, if you feel otherwise, I totally understand.

  2. This is definently a scam! He started with “What’s the lowest you want to take on this? Thanks” I was a little suspisous because he didn’t actually name the item that I am selling. I replied anyway with “What are you looking to spend. I am willing to negotiate.” His next email said “Whats the best offer so far?” Then once I gave him a price he said “Okay good… I accept your price but I would love to see more pics… More so, do you have a Paypal? Cuz I will be paying you via Paypal.” I know that anyone who wants to use paypal is a scam, but I wanted to see what other techniques he would use so I could post it publicly, therefore I told him I would not accept PayPal and I would not send him pictures until I am sure that this is not a scam (Just to see how believable he could make himself). So he sent back
    “Here is my personal info. Name: Joe Wilson Address: 1599 Rock Mountain Blvd, Stone Mountain,GA 30083 USA. Phone number: 6783592836”
    This address is for United Van Lines Agent which is a moving company.

    So BEWARE of this person!!!

  3. Good ol’ Joe Wilson contacted me with a similar message…..I told him that I would accept CASH ONLY….so then his response was that he’d send me a cashier’s check…..being the untrusting person I am, I just searched his email and got to this website. Wish there was some way to get these scammers off the internet and stop stealing from trusting sellers!

  4. Same as everyone else’s comments. No straight answers from the person. Then the address he provided as his “Shipper” was a Barbour shop! Run away when he starts fishing for your information.

  5. I just received the same offer from JoeWilson1909@gmail.com. You can cut and paste Donna and Scotts correspondences and I was also concerned he was a con since he didn’t want to look at the car first, so googled and found this site. Dang! Someone needs to report him! I’m gonna on Craigslist. He’s slick. Went through someone elses Craigslist stating he was referring a friend who was interested and gave the Google email of JoeWilson1909. Run away!

  6. Was a piece of work – he’s now under tomjones@2017 – just another low life in this crazy world. He responded to all the emails with the same as above. Wanted paypal, busy man, etc., yada yada, yada.

  7. He contacted me under tomjones2017@gmail.com and said basically the exact thing as above. Could only do paypal,didn’t want to see the car before hand, etc. I was suspicious but figured I’d see how much information I could get out of him and he emailed me that he wanted to send me $1000 extra so I could pay the pickup company from (shouldn’t that be his job?) and then a $100 for western union fees. I reported him to paypal.

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