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  1. Thanks for your prompt e-mail. it was just exactly what i wanted and can you assure me that it’s in perfect condition and i will not be disappointed buying this from you.i will like to buy this item so pls do withdraw the ad from Craigslist. i will be very more than happy if you can tell other buyer that the item has been sold because i would like to buy this item and will be paying you $310 for the item and shipping to my address through PayPal.i am a verified member ..Can you get back to me with your PayPal email so that i can send Payment. Thanks a lot.

  2. This phone number 909-252-7624 is being used by a craigslist scammer using the name Robert Winston sending text to buy your item. He wants to pay you through Pay Pal using email elvis4ktp@gmail.com. Wants to send you $50 more for your item and my ad said LOCALS only so I did some research and he’s all over the internet trying to pull same scams. I called the number and it’s a google voicemail. If you search for ph# it comes up to be located in California – San Bernardino. Do not trust this person and do not give him any of your personal info.

  3. Thanks for info… He wanted to buy about $2500 of china and Persian rug
    Using PayPal as he “is a marine currently at sea”, appreciate your diligence
    In letting the world know about a creep… Helps my faith in the general goodness
    Of people and that there are still creeps to watch out for.

  4. Just encountered this same guy – trying to buy my ipad and ship to him for way more than it should be. Texted me from (801) 660-3552 and was desperate to get my email. I forced him to send me his and sure enough elvis4ktp@gmail.com

    what a joker.


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