henry clark
Thanks for the mail, I’m seriously interested in buying this for my son and
am okay with your selling price, I’m a Petroleum Engineer and currently
offshore i really want this as a surprise gift for my son so i won’t let him
know anything about this until it get delivered to him. You can mail me back
with your paypal email address so i can make the payment to you right now
and if you don’t have an account with paypal you can set up an account today
as it’s secured and reliable visit their website on www.paypal.com. Do not
worry about shipping or picking up as my pick up agent will come and pick it
up from you once have made the payment to you and your full address and
phone number will be needed for the pickup arrangement I would love to speak
with you through the phone but due to my work as a Petroleum Engineer i work
mainly offshore, our phone is down on the rig right now due to bad weather,
We can still communicate through the email exchange for now.I will be
looking forward to read back from you real soon with the paypal email
address and your full address including phone number for the pickup

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  1. Thanks for posting this. This criminal scammer contacted me on one of my listings asking for my paypal account. I’m having a ball stringing him along.


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