From: Ciervo Carboneau
Date: Thu, Nov 17, 2011 at 6:29 AM
Subject: Re:Re:

Hello XXXXXXXXX, is your listing still valid? I need further information on it please. I’ve been looking to find something identical for while so not sure if it’s the one. I uploaded a video on my profile site along with my personal information on there (it’s like facebook for adults) so you can see if they are the same thing or not? I would hate to meet you in person and then find out they are entirely different. By the way, I ONLY deal with adults so erase this email if you are a young child trying to scam me, I’ll not fall for that. You do have to sign up to see the video to confirm you’re real and legal of age but don’t worry, there’s no cost to join. Anyways, message me on there so we can proceed. Thank you!


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