Amanda Robbins May 2 (1 day ago) to me hi ,ok , but i am now at my parents(my father has some health problems and i need to take care of him),and i didn’t knew about this when my ad was posted ,so if you’ll want to buy , i will shipp it to you via a secure company Green Courier ,they have refund options,the transaction will be insured and secured ,also the shipping just let me know if you are interested ,thanx Amanda May 2 (1 day ago) to me Me May 2 (1 day ago) to Amanda Hello, Where will you be shipping it from? Can you send me the camera’s serial number as well, with a picture? I want to know if this is a US model or a grey market model. Thanks, Amanda May 2 (1 day ago) to me i will shipp it from my parents house in OR it’s US model so if you will decide to purchase ,i will email the company to send an invoice with all the details displayed on it for payment and shipping details,the transaction will be secured and insured also the shipping,they will provide a tracking number,so let me know thanx From: Me To: Amanda Robbins <> Sent: Thu, May 3, 2012 2:29:39 AM Subject: Re: Nikon D3s 12.1 MP Digital SLR Camera – Black with extr – $1300 Me May 2 (1 day ago) to Amanda Amanda, Can you send me a few more pictures of the camera and the closeup of the serial number? Also can you send me the web address of the shipping company? Thanks Me On Wed, May 2, 2012 at 6:37 PM, Amanda Robbins Me May 2 (1 day ago) to Amanda Also, What is the method of payment you need? Amanda Robbins amanda.robbins.zz@att.netMay 2 (1 day ago) to me more details you can view on for the shipping company,also i have attached the pix with the camera so let me know thanx



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  1. Kim Newmoney 3:12 PM (5 hours ago) to 2nkkv-30122294. I know it’s a bit late, but is your camera still up for grabs? Is there anything I should know about it? Amanda Robbins 3:20 PM (5 hours ago) to me hi i still have it but I’m sorry but after I posted this ad my father has come down with serious health issues. Unfortunately, this prevents me from being able to meet you in person, however, I have the item with me so I can ship it to you. I use Green Courier which is a reliable shipping company that offers shipping insurance as well as refunds.Please let me know if you are still interested so we can close the transaction fast , Thanks


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