I would like to tell you that Ashley Madison was recently hacked, and now I
have all the information about your online affairs and even the cheatings
you did 😉 I have located all your social networking and dating website
profiles, and using this I am going to send message to all of your friends
and family members about this.

Well, for sure, you would feel ashamed if I tell your family members and
friends about this, and it would be even more worse, when you meet them face
to face. Wondering how to prevent me from doing this? Its simple, you need
to send just 2 Bitcoin (i.e Two BTC) to the following Bitcoin address:


You may be wondering why should you and what will prevent other people from
doing the same, in short you can now delete your social and dating accounts.
So go ahead and give it a try. Do you think, you can get away so easily? I
have already saved a copy of your profiles, pics, chat logs, and even the
contact details of your relatives and friends.

To send a Bitcoin, you can use sites like CoinBase. If I do not receive the
Bitcoin in the next 48 hours, I am going to contact all of your friends and
relatives and post your profiles, pics, etc all ONLINE. Oh! I didnt tell
you, that I know where you live and hangout, did I?

Just think if you are in committed relationship how this will affect your
social standing amongst your friends, family members and others. Your
countdown is started.

Good Luck!

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