Thanks for emailing me, I am looking to rent soon and i think its fair to let you know about me. My name’s Mimi Williams, 27 y/o single female, self sufficient, easygoing and fun to be around. I do not smoke, drink nor do drugs. I clean up after myself as well as my environment, I am respectful of other people’s privacy and opinions. I am pet friendly but do not own any. I’m from Pierre, S.Dakota and still here, the reason behind my move, is simply because of change. And this is about time as i just lost my mother to cancer (I have been putting off my move just because she’s been sick for long). I have been wanting to try a new place, have new experience, and most importantly achieve my goals. I am a travel Nurse by profession, but teaching yoga is what i love doing, I have broad knowledge of yoga/wellness as i had the opportunity to learn that in India 3 years ago and i have been teaching people here too. I am a christian, Yoga to me is about the purity of the body and mind/improving health and I will never bring it home if you object to it. About rent, I have money saved up, so you wouldn’t have to worry about me paying rent/bills on time till i get settled. I plan making my own yoga video and I also will be looking to rent a space in the area(or maybe gym) when i move, as i planned giving yoga classes to people there when i move. I am financially reliable and it has been a plus making money from teaching yoga as a lot of people look after themselves now in an easy way. I will like to find a place before i start looking around for something physical/permanent at hospitals there too. I choose to tell you all about me as i need no drama, so please email me back if you are looking to rent ASAP and let me know if i am someone you’d like to rent to. I will provide my number, pics and other informations as long as i am sure that you’d be renting to me in next emails. Thanks for your time and i await your next email. Mimi

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