How are you doing over there?I was just mailed by my secretary now that, > > the check as been issued to you and the cheque she sent to you > > was written in the amount of $2,800…. so to cover the shipment of the > > item…pls,as the cheque reaches you,have it deposited into your bank > > account,and wait till the next money, the money would have been cashed > > before the next morning, then remove your money for the item and send > > the rest fund to my shipper via western union money transfer or money > > gram….My shipper is also picking some of my other items up for me in > > the same city of yours so that is why she said she issued the payment > > together with yours.I will like you to remove $80 for your running > > around in getting the check well monitored…Please let me know if i can > > trust you with this transaction …. and also get back to me immediately > > you received the payment so that i can mail my shipper to come for the > > pick up.pls do get back to me if this is okay by you… > > > > — > > Still available?

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  1. I want to report this e-mail to all craiglist and other people which this guy has scammed, this scammer is to repay me the money I sent or I will have my lawyer take over, I have done alot of research on this e-mail and I am a victim of a very serious crime, I have found that he is using a legitament bank account, and I am notifing the bank as well of the account his is using to forge his checks, and he is also using a certain business for his fraud scams, and I need justice.

    • I am so glad I discovered this scam before I fell victim to it. This individual is requesting a very extensive money collection that I’ve listed for sale for 3,000.00. The person sent me the exact same rhetoric in a detailed instruction text to my phone as to how to handle the funds that have been dispatched to me. I will report this to my local police as soon as I receive the check. Thank you for sparing me the loss of a very valuable collection.

  2. I also have his phone number in which he will never answer, but he sure will call from it, he called me and yelled and me and harassed me and my employees. This number is (872) 221-0144. He also has an accomplish so-called Kenneth Buchanan and his e-mail is shipingroup01plc@hotmail.com, I have done so much research on these two, I hope that all the information I gathered will get them both put in prison, the amount they took me for is a felony and I want to see the money or get them both prosecuted.

  3. Hello, my name is Kenneth Buchanan , and I am the shipping agent that will be
    collecting the shipping payment on behalf of the person that bought your item on
    Craigs List. I have been instructed , that you have been mailed a check that
    includes the funds for shipping, and that you are to have those funds wired to me
    through Western Union or money gram, so that I may dispatch the truck to
    come for the pickup of the item. So you are to take the shipping money to your
    nearest Western Union or money gram and send it to my info below. I will also
    need your full name, address, amount sent, and MTCN from Western Union or
    REFERENCE number from money gram. Please email me back all the info when
    you have sent the money.

    Send shipping money to:

    Kenneth Buchanan
    255 w. Sumner ave # 515
    Lake Elsinore,California 92530

    Then you will get back to me with the money transfer details as soon as you
    have sent the money and also you need to get me the map quest that will help me to locate your place without any stress ok..

  4. This guy has contacted me several times and always uses the same words you see – I want him to send me the check so I can try to bust him – this man has to be stopped –

  5. Just got my second check from Anncy Graxano. Kenneth Buchanan is the same shipper. The first check $2,850.00 was on a bank in NJ and the account had be closed for 3 months. This check is on Bank of America in CA same amount. Going to local Bank of America tomorrow turn over this stuff. Funny also the USPS priority mail has a return address of Chicago, IL. Sorry Tobi if you fell for this scam you need to stay off the internet. John, that address 285 W Sumner Ave is a dirt lot. check it out on Goggle earth.

    • I’ve been very clear with the man who sent the address to me of “Kenneth Buchanan, 260 W. Sumner Ave #515” that I will not ship goods to him if he sends a certified check and, if it’s a personal check, he will wait the seven to ten days to verify that funds sent to me have cleared the bank from which they were written BEFORE I send out my coin collection (ship) to him. I specifically requested a cashier’s check because in order to get one, the client must pay cash for the check and there’s no third party bank for it to bounce from. It’s basically like having the cash in your hand as soon as you receive it. Having said this, if you accept a certified check or a personal check for a large purchase in the future, be prepared to have to pay every penny of that money back plus any fines for having garnered a bad check to your financial institution. Your item sold will be lost forever to a person who got it free of charge by sending you a bogus check, and you’ll be truly disappointed to not only have to pay your bank back the full amount of purchase, but also associated fines for the transaction. It just isn’t worth the risk, folks. I hope this information helps to clarify what type of money transactions are secure. The bottom line is, if there’s not a Paypal or definite funds-backed payout, buyer BEWARE!

  6. Just got interest from “Naomi”, using this as the reply to address, expressing interest in a room for rent. Thanks for posting this and saving my time.

  7. I just got an email from him for a job offer:
    This guy must think I’m stupid
    “Thanks for your responding to my posting, I’m Anthony Terry & my wife’s
    name is Naomi Terry, she’s 7 months and two weeks pregnant and this
    is our first baby.. We are relocating to the States from Canada. I
    will be coming there to work on contract basis with United States
    Environmental Protection Agency on a private research work. So i need
    someone who could help me take care of house by doing some house work
    while am off to work.Someone that will also help in running some

    I will be offering you $500 Weekly, I will be needing your services
    for three hours at any suitable time of yours, Bi-weekly, on weekends,
    either Saturdays or Sundays. I believe you are fit for this position
    in as much you will prove yourself to be a reliable and good person.

    We have a financier that is based in the states and he will be
    handling the payment and some other expenses. So he will be the one
    that will be taking care of your payment. I will instruct him to pay
    for the first week upfront before my arrival so as to secure your
    service, actually i should have paid for months but i will extend
    the payment if am satisfied with your service after the first month.

    My financier will be making out a Cashier Check to you before my
    arrival, you will be receiving an authorized Cashier Check of $1800
    out which you will deducting your pay for the first WEEK and you will
    be using the remaining to buy foodstuffs and other things needed in
    the house. You will getting this foodstuff on the day of our arrival
    which is 30th of June 2013. Actually all flights from the Canada
    arrives at nights so you will be getting the foodstuff in the morning
    and making all other preparations.

    I will also instruct my estate agent to mail the keys of the apartment
    to you so that you can do all other necessary preparations before we
    arrive. I will also email you the shopping list. You have to get all
    this shopping before our arrival so that we wont have to start running
    around when we arrive. So my financier would be needing the following
    Information to make out the payments.

    Name To Be On Check:
    Physical Contact Address:
    State / Province:
    Zip / Postal Code:
    Phone #
    Age(Above 17)
    Do you accept my offer?

    All i need from you is total honesty and sincerity. I know you will be
    committed to the work. You will also have a nice period of working
    with my wife.

    i will be looking forward to hearing from you ASAP

    Thank you,

    Mr and Mrs Terry”


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