Thanks for getting back to me … My name is grace symon (F),I am 21yrs old,I am fun loving, personal, friendly,clean, caring,and respectful of others. a non-smoker, don’t do drugs, i drink occasionally,and drama free. I graduated last year in France, I am single and have no children … i do bible study, and sometimes we do karaoke night with my roommate! i go to church every Sunday .I am coming for my Masters degree. i am from Spain,specifically Malaga, I was born in Ormond Beach in Florida,my dad is from there too but my mum is from Spain…I went to University of Navarra in Spain. I speak both English and Spanish fluently ,am presently on research work at Hawaii , am almost done.with that bcos its part of my prerequisite for my masters in Microbiology . I would have loved to call you but this is a remote area calls is hard to go through from here and i don’t want to waste much time . Am really interested in renting from you and i do really love pets but i don’t have any at the moment. I would have loved to see it but am very far,but with pictures,I am glad. I will also like you to tell me more about you and if you have garage or parking space cos I will have my own car come over, pls let me know the total payment of the place and more over I will send your email to my dad for him to email you later bcos he is the one that will be paying the bills but nevertheless,I will like you to send me your Full Name and the Mailing Address, your Phone number as well,so that my Dad will issue out the payment for the place as soon as possible,with that you can hold on the place for me till i come . I will be looking forward to your email soonest. also you can add me on my┬áso we can get to know Each other Better… Thanks grace symon sent from my iphone..

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  1. She is a scam artist. Almost identical email received. Notify bank if you received a check. They will notify their fraud departments. Call and notify local police department. Notify FBI file IC3 . Help other not be a victim.


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