Hello Sir/Ma, How are you doing today ?Naomi Moore is my name and i am 35yrs old. Born in Dallas. I was born and brought up in the state, USA. My mum is into importing and exporting of clothes and house materials while my dad as a director in mobile phone company. I was train and brought up in a way that i love to sing, dance, act, meeting people and reading novels.I went to the University of Western Ontario to study as a mass communicator before i became a model few years ago and i love it so much cus it as contribute alot to my dear life… I lost my dad 6yrs ago (year 2002) but my mum as been very kind and honest to me, i was trained by her to live good and humble. I don’t drink nor smoke…So i was called upon in London for a modeling close for about two years now but since then i have been having some series of competitions, so i have not been able to come over to the state but i do send money to my mum. .The problem now is that my mom died few months ago and i want to come back to the state to claim my father’s property as i am the only daughter, so i saw your advert on ( while im searching to get a place in the state where i can stay cus i don’t want to go to our house now due to some things that is presently going on… So i will love you to tell me more about your room bcos i have develop interest in your room…. Pls i will want you to kindly get back to me as soon as possible cus am really in need of a room to settle down myself and plan on how to move about myself. So kindly get back to me as soon as possible to let me know if the room is still available and kindly let me know briefly about you and the room with the amount monthly… Thank you Note:- I will want you to also let me know your mode of payment but i will like means of payment either by certified cashier’s check, money order or credit card . Please let me know if you are well pleased with the system of payment. If its okay by you, kindly let me know, bcos i cant wait to be in the state and i most tell you that i need it urgently so that i can move in as soon as possible. I will be very happy if you are going to rent the place for me. You can get back to me through this email Address ( Hope to read from you soon. My Best Of Regards Naomi Moore

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