Hello How are you doing?Guess fine I presume.Am writing you in regards to your advert on Craigslist and am Interested in renting the place you have available.I will start by introducing myself briefly; I am 26 years old, Am Originally from Ontario, Canada grew up in France.I am a Pathologist by profession, presently work for European Public Health Alliance under the inspection of USAID efforts to foster world-wide economic growth and increased trade as a microbiologist/Researcher; I do more of humanitarian work which is out of my real profession. Moreover, I just finished a project here in France, about treatment of water and to educate Communities on intensive health-care.The project was initiated by USAID in conjunction with EPHA; I led the troop to actualize the conclusion of the project. My next appointment will be in Your Neighbourhood now which is United States, I should arrive to US on before the Date Due to this reason, I had to make the posting to get a room or Apartment urgently for me to get a place down to live before my arrival to the states. I have some personal effect to move in such as my Desktop computer, bedroom furniture.I get lot of acknowledgment about me been friendly, I love kids, Im laid back, I don’t move about at nights, love reading novels and listening to the news because am very conservative about politics & entertainment.The duration of my stay is for 3 – 6 -12 months as my supervisor will come visiting once in awhile to get reports from me, a letter of appointment about my first assignment by my supervisor upon my arrival.Precisely, I might be working in schools, Laboratories and Hospitals. You could check the USAID website to read more to better your knowledge more:¬†Am writing to confirm if you still have the room or Apartment available for rent……If YES, Kindly reply the following questions below: Moving date that the room or Apartment will be available I will like to have the description of the room or Apartment, size, and the equipments in there. I wil! l like to have the rent fee per month plus the utilities. I will also be coming with some of my furniture, electronics that is if it is allowed, like bed, book shelf because I read a lot, shoe rank etc I will also like to know if you accept Cashier’s Check so that I can contact our payment department for the payment. The company is responsible for the payment. If the 4 questions are YES, I will like to know the total cost for the initial move as in first month rent plus utilities and if deposit is necessary. I will like to know the major intersection the date of your room or Apartment will be avalaible to rent from you I will like to know as well when the place will be available and how long you wish to rent it out. Hope to hear from you soon. Respectfully,

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