That’s great, thank you for getting back to me. Though I’ll be using
the services of a mover who will come for the pick up of the item on
my behalf all because I’m currently away for a contracting Job but I
will send a Cashier’s Check to cover the cost of the items. The check
will be delivered to you by a reliable courier company within 2-3
working days. Please do provide me with your full mailing address, and
also indicate your final price, the Name that should be on check and
finally a cell phone #. Kindly delete the posting because am serious
in buying it, when the funds clears then we can arrange for the pick
up asap.

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  1. Hello,

    How are you doing today. Sorry for getting back to you .i finally
    mailed out the payment to you via USPS with tracking #
    :9101969010386920277363. The check issued out to you was included with
    the shipper’s funds . Deduct your items funds with extra $100 for
    your stress factor then have the remaining fund sent to the shipper. I
    have assigned shipping agent that will come for the pick up of the
    items I bought from you and those that i have all around. Deposit the
    check to your bank account and withdraw the excess fund of the check
    immediately today and have it sent to the shipper at nearest western
    union money transfer location near to you via western union money
    transfer (money in minutes).

    This is the shipping agent information you are to send the remaining fund to:

    Alex John
    1223 18th St NE
    Washington, DC 20002
    United States

    As soon as you got the money sent get back to me the below information:

    Sender’s name and address
    MTCN 10 Digit Western Union Control Number
    Amount sent after charges
    pick up time and date

    Please do take care of everything today before 8pm today cos i am
    moving to other state tomorrow and i will be glad if we can complete
    the transaction today. As soon as the money
    has been wired to the shipper i will request for the transfer details
    and also your map quest to easy for the shipper to get there.

    Thank you


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