Glosson Gabriel

Glosson Gabriel


I’m highly appreciative concerning your fast response, I must tell you that I am absolutely pleased with the terms of  sale of your item but the only thing there is that I am on an emergent break at the office and it warranted me to go out of the state to execute some family assignments(I would have loved to tell you about it but I prefer to make it personal for now). But not too worry because I have made some online inspection of the goods and I am very sure its what I want but here is how you will have to help me out, I will want you to provide me your FULL INFORMATION to send the payment (personal check) so that the payment can be mailed to you because I will not want you to sell out the item to another person and due to this i will have to arrange for a personal pick up of the item(I really want to meet the item at home when I am back at the states (altough I dunno yet of the time). If you are still willing to sell this to me, here is the guide to the informa i will need to send the payment..


Your Full Name:




Postal Code:

Cell Phone Number

Total amount of the item


And as soon as this is provided, the payment will be overnight to you and i will let you know when its mailed out.


Thank you.