Thanks for getting back to me,i need this item urgently for someone as
a gift,i am offering you $900 for the item including shipping Via USPS
Express Mail Service(EMS) , am offering you this to keep other buyers
off,so i will like you to get back with your PayPal account email for
the payment immediately and more over i want to know why you are
selling the item because i was introduce to this site by a friend of
mine at work.
Get Back Asap…


Alexander Williams

I have made the payment and very soon PayPal will notify you about my payment confirmation and let you know next step that you will do so you can now get the items ship via USPS REGISTERED Mail Service as soon as you see my payment so here is my shipment detail:

Name Micheal K William
Address No 110 quarry road
City Abeokuta,
State Ogun States,
Zip code 110001
Country Nigeria