Crystal Proby

Thanks for your response, i should be picking it up by myself but am out of town at the moment. Am buying your item for a colleague of mine who is currently on a research and in need of the item in west africa. I will like you to help me deliver it to him after you receive payment, i will add an extra $120 for the shipment fee and payment is through PayPal, send me a money request to my PayPal email address so that i can make payment as soon as possible and if you don’t have a PayPal account, go to PayPal website and sign up for a personal account, it’s free. Hope to hear from you soon.


Crystal Proby


Ok i will be making payment a soon as possible, if you are notified by paypal concerning my payment please let me know.


I just made payment, you should have been notified because Paypal says a notification of my payment has been sent to your Paypal email address I want it shipped today and for shipment make use of Express Mail International under USPS. This is the shipping address below and hope to hear from you soon.

Name: Robert Deji
Address: 13 Bola Street,
City: Fadeyi Shomolu,
State: Lagos,
Zipcode: 23401,
Country: Nigeria