How much. I will be at Work from 9:15 until 5:45 but will be available the rest of the day. My contact address is ……… Weleyu007@gmail.com I just saw your Craigs post today on the 23rd and I see you wanted us to see them later today or tomorrow noon. Please let me know.at. …….. Weleyu007@gmail.com a better date and time and we can schedule something out and where to meet. Sent via the Samsung Galaxy Alphaâ„¢, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone


thanks for the mail. My name is Melissa Watkins,I’m just asking about it to make sure its in good condition as im buying it for my Father as a surprise gift and he doesn’t know about it, so can you assure me i will not be disappointed? also no shipment involved as i have a mover that will come for it. Im okay with the price and condition , I can only pay you via one of the fastest and secure way to pay online (PayPal).. Do you have a PayPal account? Let me know asap so i can arrange the payment through PayPal. my shipper will be coming to pick it up as soon as the payment clears into your account . So if you’re ready to move forward, just fill out the info below so I can work everything out! Your PayPal e-Mail Address: PayPal Acct Name: Firm Price: Home Address/ Pickup location Info: Cell Phone Number#: Goods Details: Hope to read back from you!


I am not sure you’ve been getting my messages but I will be on my way out soon taking my family for baby shopping and should be done in 2 to 3hrs from now,I have my email synchronized on my phone so I’d appreciate if you can let me knw where and when to meet to finalize this purchase with cash. I am thinking if we could meet at Walgreens,Starbucks or Wal-mart to finalize this purchase or Would you like me to pick it up at your place? I can come if you dont mind. I will appreciate if I can get a response from you as soon as possible in order to schedule a time. Text me your number if you would like to hook up with me or send your address if you would like me to come pick it at your place. Text me @ austingk5@gmail.com . Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.