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  1. Hello, someone with this email wants me to shipp me something on craigslist. Is this a scam? He said he would pay me extra if i took the add off and shipped it.

    • Hear is the email…
      Thanks for the prompt response to my mail. I will be buying it from
      you so please kindly withdraw the advert and i don’t mind giving you
      $50 in order to delete the advert, Because am not in the state i go
      out for some business . Please to be informed that i will l pay you
      with a certified bank check or cashier check and once you have the
      check cashed at your bank then i will arrange for the pick up at your
      place..I will need the following details to mail the payment as soon
      as possible today.

      Name to be on the check_________________
      Full contact Address(Not P.O.Box)______________
      Zip Code_______________________________
      Cell phone #_________________________

      And as soon as this is provided, the payment will be overnight to you
      and i will let you know when its mailed out. I need you to be honest
      with the sale as I am a God fearing person.

      Note you don’t need to worry about shipping the items for me as soon
      as you have the check and have the check cash my shipper will come
      over for pick up.


  2. Hello, Thanks for the respond am ok with the price and the condition..I would have love to come and take a look at it, its just that time wont permit me cos am very busy… . I will be paying through a certified,cashier check or MO to cover the cost of the item and i will be responsible for the shipment and the pickup. I’ll take care of that by engaging the services of a mover, Once you are okay with this, I will be needing the following information so as to issue out the payment to you. . . 1.Name to be issue to… 2.Contact Address(City,State,Zip code) 3.Contact telephone number home,cell or work…) **** Pls not that FedEx/Ups does not deliver to P.O box and the payment for the item will be overnight to your address asap. I have taken a close look at the advert and am completely satisfied i really need this and will appreciates that you help save this for me till the payment arrives as it will save me some extra cost….I would have love to call but am a deaf and only uses a hearing-in paired phone relay, So please send me an email only Regards**** Awaiting for your prompt response.

  3. This is not spam – this is a scam. No matter how desperate you are to sell (and, I’m not saying you are) don’t accept anything but cash in person at the time of sale.


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