We need a computer engineer who can operate, who can format or repair our laptop and get $500 Thanks for your response, i want to let you know that the check is going to delivered to you today via USPS and here is the tracking information from USPS and {….. 9101969010386983161616 ….} and i want you to deduct the cost for the Computer service and send the rest funds to the Employer via western union and here is the Employer information to send the remaining funds to.. EMPLOYER INFORMATION TO SEND THE REMAINING FUNDS TO THRU WESTERN UNION Receiver’s Name: ….. Kris Chanek City: …. Biloxi State: …. MS Zip code: …. 39532 And i want you to get back to me with the western union details as soon as you send the remaining funds to the Employer and as soon as the Employer get the funds she will called you

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