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  1. Hi, My name is Jess and my aunt is willing to buy the piece you put up for sale on CL pls email her at sandrawhitbread2@gmail.com so payment can be sorted

    What’s strange is I actually put something on Craigslist the night before but my wife got this text and it was my number listed in the post.

  2. I also recieved one of these with an email of sandraxwhitbread@gmail. Almost went through with it until they asked me to send additonal money through money gram to “pay the movers for pickup”. Thanks for posting the above. Saved me from a lot of headache.

  3. Got the same text this AM 8 December 2014 and almost replied, however had to do my research and glad I did, hopefully no one gets caught with this scam, The phone number that it was sent from came from Illinois 224.202.9771.

  4. Hi There, my name is Carly and my aunt wants to purchase the furniture you posted on CL pls message her at sandrawhitbread3 gmail so payment can be arranged.

  5. Man, I get these text messages every day that I try to sell something on Craigslist. They are always from a different number than the time before, and with a different niece’s name. It’s just annoying, since it clutters up my inbox. It’s probably some burly guy sitting in an internet cafe somewhere. Lol.

  6. Text from 331-625-1076

    Hi, I saw your ad my Aunt wants to buy the piece pls msg her at sandrawhitbread2@gmail.com Mannidee

    So curious, foolish, and later regretfully, I texted said aunt and received the following response:

    Hope everything is fine with you I am Sandra and want to purchase this but my only form of payment is through a Bank check this is due to my being away on assignment
    The check would be delivered to next day via Ups
    In regards to picking up the piece, I would make the arrangement for this once the check has cleared
    If you are fine with this please get back to me with name and physical address for payment to be written out to
    I would like you to send me some more picture if you any

    I also do not mind paying an extra $50 to hold this and delete posting as I really want it

    Would be expecting your response thanks in advance.”


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