Hi [name], I just got your email about the room. To be sincere, I really need someone to move in asap; the only thing holding me back is my landlady needs some information about who will move in with me. Can you just give me how much you make, monthly, weekly is fine and your credit score? Once she has this then you can come in to see the place. Don’t worry, I had to go throught the same process. Don’t send the report, please only send the number that you get. You can check your score here….. Once you get that number, just send me an email so I can forward it to her. Thanks.


?how is this a scam?

the person is trying to get you to check your credit score, so they can get paid for driving traffic to the credit score site.  the more people they send to the site, the more money they make.

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  1. Yup – Got this email twice from her – once in January and again in April. I was really excited about the apartment too, smh.


  2. I got the same exact email…damn.

    I was about to go through the credit score site she provided and everything…then something told me to google her email address and it brought me here. Whew!

  3. I got the same email. Google warned me that the email is not authenticated.. and i checked and it got me here!
    Thank god!

  4. Apt hunting can be dangerous b/c someone is always trying to take advantage and scam others. I started filling out the form and even got to the 2nd page, but decided to facebook “” before I submitted my SSN. Thank you for starting this site.

    Can’t believe I even went that far w/o checking. SMH! & the other scammers, you are awful.

  5. Ugh, I also just received that exact email from Melissa. I googled before filling out the report and found this site. Thanks for setting it up!! I nearly got scammed. A $925 Spacious bedroom in Soho really was to good to be true.

  6. Did anyone actually go through the process? I went ahead and checked my score with the site she provided and it looked legit (the site). I did just sent her an email with the score and my income but then I decided to google the email and got this. So annoying! I called the company to cancel the account just in case, but I’m not sure how this person is scamming.

  7. Does anybody know how this person is scamming? I went to the website she provided the link for. I did not go through the link but typed the main url in a new browser. The site looks legit, I agree with Melissa (the previous post). I got the score and everything seems to be fine. Any thoughts?

    • I updated my original post on how the ‘scam’ works. They just want you to check your credit so they can make money.

  8. melissa has struck again. I just moved to New York from overseas and was hoping I wouldn’t be taken advantage of while flat / roommate hunting, but on my FIRST potential lead (melissa), i was duped. Shoulda searched her name before i went through with the credit check, but i was naive and believed she was sincere. just flagged her post on craigslist. what an unfortunate way to be welcomed to the city 🙁

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