Hello There,  A professional single female who works full-time in my trade as a distance reporter and freelance journalist, needs a room for rent in your apt,I came across your posting on craigslist,please let me know the requirements for move in and the total move in cost for the room, if not more or less to what i read from the add. About me     I currently live in the Honolulu,Hawaii USA, i’m a 27 year old female. Pretty laid back, mainly keep to myself. I work a full time and a part time job,have reliable transportation and am pretty low key,I like keeping things clean and organized. I enjoy a good conversation, playing badminton, playing video games and working out in my spare time! ,Im a very sociable person who doesn’t smoke, take illegal drugs and only a social drinker. Dogs and cats likeme if they’re human friendly! 🙂   I usually sleep moderately early (10-11PM) I’m open to living with both male and female…      I have my own computer – a desk top but planning to purchase a laptop in upcoming months, I’ll be using my computer for work and online post graduate classes. I have my own TV for cable or Direct TV/Dish,bed,dresser,my car,I’m gone most of the day b/c of work and my post graduate classes are online,i use internet alot. PURPOSE OF  RELOCATING FROM HAWAII I was just transferred by the Media company i work for in Hawaii to serve a an outreach Reporter  also i combine a freelance journalist with my work,that serves as extra earning for me,paying rent and other bills will never be a problem.. My Choice of Roommate:   A responsible roommate,clean might not be super clean but must be moderately clean,must be respectful …I would like to make the payment for the room via check to have the room reserved for me while i start getting my flight and other arrangement towards my coming over done..let me know if there is parking space and room for furniture, i would be signing 12 months lease and might extend the rent after the first 12 months contract expires The info to make the payment to should come in the following form: Your full name: Home Address: City: State: Zip code : Telephone number: i’ll appreciates if you can email me because i really need the room asap. Thanks as i await your email soon Regina

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  1. Was contacted by this person, too.Why is he/she messing up with people??? She needed my contacts to mail me a check for the room I have for rent.

  2. The reply goes to : rdarwin324@gmail.com
    Sunday, October 28, 2012
    From: “Regina Darwin”
    To : xxx
    I saw the advert you have on craigslist about the room you have for rent,i’m interested in renting the place,please let me know if the space is still open for move in.


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