Hello, Am interested in your tutoring for my Daughter let me know if you are still available get back to me asap. Follow-on email: Hello, Thanks for your response, my name is Caroline Lee from England(UK) I’m moving to your area for 4 weeks contract with Environmental Protection Agency( EPA) in united state. My daughter (Melinda, she is 16 yrs old) i want you help me teach her for 2 hours per day from Monday to Thursday for 4 weeks. You do not have to worry about transportation have negotiate with a cab company that will be driving her down to your place go and come. Get back to me with the total cost,it is my financier in the united state that will sponsor me and responsible for the payment, so i want you to get all information to be use to have the payment, so that i can forward it to my financier in the state to send you the check, you will be paid with Us dollar certified check. Please get back to me with the amount and i will be glad to update you and make the payment in advance to show you how serious, because i want everything to be done before i will get back to the state. Kindly get back to me with the information so that the check will be made out to you. Full name to be on the check :- Street address (not P.O Box): – City:- State:- Zip code:- Total charges:- Lesson timetable :- Mobile number for easier communication: I wait for the information from you as soon as possible. Remember she is all i have and i really want a conducive and pleasant atmosphere for her we will arrived to the state on 25th of October, tutor start on the 26TH of October 2012.

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