Hello, > Thanks for getting back me, I’m Michael and my wife’s name is Jennifer > and our daughter is Dorcas we are from Chicago. We are relocating to > your area and we`ll be staying there for a period of a year.I’m an > Building Contractor and got some project there to execute within the > period of our stay and my wife will be undergoing a course on IT. We > need you for our daughter when my wife is out for lecture,she’s 2yrs > old and you can watch her in our apartment or my wife can also bring > her to you whenever she`s going for lectures, thus you will be taking > care of our her from 9am-12noon. Monday to Friday. We are willing to > offer you $350 weekly, ($300 as your wages and $50 for your transport > allowance). kindly let us know if you are satisfy with our offer so > that we can make arrangement for your payment because my wife is going > to begin her lecture on 22th of august and we need you to start working > as soon as she begin her lecture. My daughter is friendly and love to > play a lot with toys.Kindly let me know if you are ready to work for > us and also so get back to me with the following details of yours so > that i can make arrangement for your first week payment in other to > secure your service before my wife arrival because i wont be around till 28th of August. > > Full Name: > Physical Contact Address: > City: > State: > Zip code: > Phone #: > > > Hope to hear from you soon.

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  1. We were advertising for our business in craigslist houston. This guy contacted my wife with a similar message. He contacted me today asking if my services were still available because i posted a message on my account for her business. Interesting…

  2. Hello, Thank you for your response back concerning the Housekeeper/personal assistant Position. My name is Michael, my wife’s name is Carla and our first daughter is Shannon.I am sorry that I am responding late for I am on Vacation in Japan.My wife and my two kids are in the process of re-locating from the San Francisco Bay Area to your city. I am a Professional San Francisco Bay Area Photo-Journalist. I will be offering you $400.00 weekly at any convenient time of yours, three times in a week probably Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday to handle the cleaning position. We will be needing your services for the next nine months if you will be available, hope three hours will be enough to clean a three bedroom apartment with one master bedroom and two standard size rooms, as well as bathroom,toilet and a kitchen?The major cleaning jobs that needs to be done are Sweeping, vacuuming and mopping all flooring, dusting of all ceilings, fans, windows, bathroom and kitchen to be cleaned top to bottom. We would appreciate if you can give us the breakdown with price of all the cleaning equipments and supplies which you will need to handle the job perfectly,and assisting of activities and daily living routing. Most of your activities will be carried out locally and most official packages will be delivered via posts. You will be actively involved in my personal, business and financial life. In summary, your activities as my assistant/housekeeper amongst other things will include; * A personal reminder for Schedules, programs, flights and keeping me up to date with them as they come up; * Carrying out specific projects and research. * Making regular contacts and drop-offs on my behalf. * Handling and monitoring financial activities. * Processing and taking charge of weekly payments and purchases. * General clerical activities. Basic wage is $400 a week. Any extra personal expenses (transport,gas,etc) incurred by you while on an errand or otherwise will also be reimbursed by me at the end of each working week.This position is very flexible and it is difficult judging the exact number of hours you will be doing,just bear it in mind that there will be busier weeks than others with a steady pay.There is also a very sensitive issue on trust, dedication and reliability which I believe will resolve itself as time goes on.This is only an introductory e-mail, as time goes on we should be able to arrange a proper meeting to get things started officially. I am currently on Vacation in Japan.However, I do have a number of work you can get done, prior to my arrival. Due to the excessive number of responses to my Ad, do provide the following details about yourself for my personal record update and to filter applicants: Your Full Name: Street Address: ( Not PO . BOX ) Apartment Number: ( IF ANY ) City , State and Zip Code Cell/Home phone number: Available days & time: Gender: D.O.B: Marital Status: Age: Present working Status: E-mail Address: Best Time To Call: We want your total co-operation and attention to details before you commit to this position.We promise you have a great time while working with our loving and humble family. I will be waiting to read from you soon. Regards, Lead Photographer Michael San Francisco Bay Area Photo-Journalism San Jose, CA 95124 e mail: mike.garry17@gmail.com

  3. Doris M. Garry

    Add to contacts

    Am very sorry for getting back to you late. I really appreciate your
    response and i want you to consider this item sold. am ok with
    the price and condition as stated in your advert i promise to give
    addition $50 if you remove the advert from Craigslist completely,
    so i will be rest assured am in hand of this item. I will paying you
    as soon as possible tomorrow with CERTIFIED CHECK,so i,ll be sending the
    payment to you via FedEx or Usps. So you need to provide me the
    information to facilitate the mailing of the payment.

    Full name on the check………………
    Physical address to post the check…………
    State and Zip Code…………….
    Home & Cell Phone to contact you…………..

    Note : I would forward all your details to my secretary to make the
    payment out to you fast and the payment will be shipped to your address
    via usps or fedex courier services, and i will take care of the
    shipment of the item, as soon as you have the check cash, i will send
    my mover to come down to your address and pick the item,
    Thanks and hope to hear from you as soon as possible.


    Doris M. Garry

  4. I had a short iffy message from that guy:

    Do you still have the item posted on cl for sale?

    I had replied Yes sir, its still for sale. THen I thought that’s a dumb thing to say they would ask something like more info. about what I’m selling.

    • Brian,
      I got the exact same email as you, signed by mike.garry17@gmail.com, but it was actually sent from the following email address: “subby.olad400@gmail.com”. The two email address are what caused me to be suspicious and perform the Google search that led to this blog.
      Glad I did ­čÖé

  5. I also received two e-mails from each of the garry’s, mike garry sent two and Doris Garry sent two. Asking me to remove my ad on cl for an extra $50. I thought that was strange but being a new user of cl I did remove it. I was told a money order or check would be sent via USPS or FedEx. My daughter said it is a scam and I said when I take it to the credit union they will be able to tell me! I never received it and hope I don’t. I may not since I asked some question of them like where they were located. It is too bad some people are so desperate.

  6. here is his phone number 323-835-1381 he is in Los Angeles …… i have drug him along with his scam and now hold a 2700.00 check with false info on it and supposedly he is only buying a 700.00 pinball machine…….i have strung along and turned it 6 of these scammers once i have their checks and contact info and then turn them into the internet fraud division…….this fool is the latest victim……..i dont know how these punks can even get out of bed in the morning when this is how they make a living……..i suggest evryone just play along with these scammers until you have the fake check in hand……if nothing else at least they will be out the money to priority ship the check to you……but dont ever even try to cash the checks!


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