Hello Got back Home Late yesterday Nigth,my partner Mis lara had an accident and it was so terrible, But Thank God he is getting Better Now. As i told you Before that the secretary had already made the payment out to you,she just pass me the tracking number for the package and here is the tracking number for the package(9405501699320017489129) Via Its confirmed that the package will soon delivered to you .But there would be a little Help i would like you to render for me,I should have tell you all this yesterday But i was not Happy at all due to the accident Happened to my Partner. To make this cleared to you, the check on the way to you has cover up the shipping cost and the item am buying from you, all you need to do when you get the check, Deposit/cashed it at your bank It will clear within 12 hours of deposit. Once the check cleared, deduct the amount total amount for the ( Beautiful Prom Dress Worn Once -( $125 ) with the extra $50 to your money as the best offer and your running around Deduct $150 for the money gram changers okay The amount on the check is sum of $1,280.80 $125 Beautiful Prom Dress Worn Once $50 for the Best offered as i Promised $955.00 Remaining would be sent to the shipper via Money Gram. So after you deduct all the money you are sending to the $955.00 to the shippercompany okay. The shipper company information you would need to send the rest money as below. Receiver’s name:…. GREG HARMON Address:… 4569 BOULDER DR SE City:……….. SALEM State:………. OR Zip code:……..97317 And make sure you get back to me with the Money Gram details as soon as you send the money, such as.. 1………..Sender Name and Address 2………..Receiver”s Name and Address 3………..Actual Amount sent: 4………..Reference control Number 5………..The current Pick-up Address and time. Notece: ┬áThe money gram charges will be deduct from the total amount that you are to send and the rest sent.Please do get back to me as soon as you get my message now so as to know how you gonna Handle everything asap Thanks and i would be waiting to hear from you.I Want you to make this done So that the shipper can come for the Pick-up… Thanks.

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