– SCAM Warning

they took money for Mobiles but did not deliver goods, they said, minimum order atleast 1500US$, but they did not informed this before taking the order, then i contact them with my wife’s ID they said to her , yes you can buy 1 item as well, they are showing you certificate of hon kong but the company address is Wuhan dont trust them

Please be warned, this company is a total scam and you will lose money.  

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  1. I also am having complications with this seller, I made an order and he told me it has been detained at customs in china and I have to pay the customs duties (30% of the value of the shipment), has anyone had any success with them? any suggestions about how to handle the situation?

  2. I was in contact with this company… after bit of research found them to be fake …. as they try to shy away from paypal saying it takes 60-80 days to receive payment I CONTACTED PAYPAL and they informed me there is no such thing and they can access there funds straight away and they said it is clearly a scam…….. Hope this helps

  3. they said they will refund after 1 month, after abusing them Matin were agreed to refund on 11th Dec 2013, but i dont think i will get refund, you can not chase them, there company website hosted in Los Altos in USA.
    let c hope for the best and ready for the worst


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