Hello, thanks for responding to me. You know what though? I won’t be able to buy it now anyways… my son just put a huge dent in my van so now I need to check and see how much it will cost for me to fix it. What a mess!

I’m so happy no one got hurt, just annoying it happened just now, when I’m finally pulling in very good money using this home income setup I’m using. You know, if you want, they just made available 2 new positions in our area. Basically you get paid to post links on websites. It’s very easy to learn and I just use it while at home with my family.

Here\\\’s the link if you wanna read about it:

I’m bringing in about $800 each week since I started… not enough to stop working yet but I like to have some extra money in my checking acct. Well, most likely not after I get the mechanic’s invoice lol. My friends brother is probably going to be getting set up tonight and these positions typically get filled pretty fast, so I\\\’d be thankful if you don’t show the site to anyone else. Thank you!


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