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  1. FIRST CONTACT WAS A TEXT: I am interested Please email me back on my personal email address IS ( kruppdukejr4@gmail.com ) I am willing to buy thanks. THEN WE EMAILED BACK AND FORTH A COUPLE TIMES: HIM: On Apr 4, 2015, at 12:55 AM, KRUPP DUKEJR DUKE JR wrote: Ok, I am Duke Jr,I m purchasing this for a friend due to, he is a novice to online and don’t really like solving on internet due to numerous scam activities. I will appreciate more pictures if available & also make sure it is in condition described before concluding on how i will be sending your money. Do you have paypal account? because, I have a paypal account that I can easily send money through because, its good for business payments. Get back to me with your paypal email address and name in order for me to have your money sent on time. I would av preferred calling but due to my hearing impairment meaning loss of my hearing partially my inability to make phone calls.Confirm sale to me and remove the add from posting. Confirm your final asking prize to me once again here for further agreement. Regards ME: actually you do not need my paypal email – i only need yours so i can send you an invoice. also, i need to know where you live so i can show you the ladybug and we can make the sale. what is your address? HIM: On Apr 4, 2015, at 11:59 AM, KRUPP DUKEJR DUKE JR wrote: As Quoted on my previous message, I av stated that i would have wished to come over for personal inspections but my choices are limited due to the nature of my job, I m a flight Nurse and i hope you understand my situations. More so, I would av prefer to speak with you by the phone but due to my ear damage and this was caused due to the heavy sound while i was working offshore Reason been to the heavy sound of the Oil Rigs. I am an honorable person & you will receive your money cash in hand before the shipping agent come for final pickup at your preferred place of pickup. However, it&#039 ;s free & easy to create a paypal account, it’s like instant cash. As soon as you open an account, get back to me with the name and email that you linked with your paypal account and I will have your money sent asap. ME: i appreciate everything you’re saying, but i must admit this email is very unconventional. i can send you pictures of the ladybug taken from my house so you can see the condition. but i won’t be giving you my paypal email. i use paypal all the time and prefer sending a paypal invoice to your email – that is also free. if you are sincere, then let me know where you live, if you do intact want the pictures, how you intend to pick up the cleaner and send me your paypal email. i would love to sell the cleaner to you, but you can never be too careful with all the dishonest scammers out there. so i won’t be sending you my personal paypal info. i never heard back from him. but i’m going to report him – what a jerk!

  2. I got the same email today and a similar text from two other people about a different item I was selling. Makes me really question selling anything on Craig’s List.

  3. He contacted me today 2/9/2016 just minutes after I posted an expensive item on Craigslist. I broke off communication when his comments and responses didn’t seen to “add up”. No harm to me. I trusted my instincts, broke it off and then found a couple posts like this about him.

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