Hello, Thanks for the details. I’m buying this for my son. Your asking price is quite reasonable and affordable considering others I’ve seen lately,I’ll take it. I’ll proceed with the payment and I believe it is in good condition as stated. I really want this as a surprise gift for my son so I won’t let him know anything about this until it get delivered to him. I’ll be paying you by Certified Bank Check which is attached to my bank and its safe and very secure way to make payment. If my mode of payment is accepted just send me the following details for the payment: Name to be on the Check_____________ Home or office address(No P.O.BOX)___ City__State__Zip Code_______________ Phone Numbers_____________________ Final Price___________________ The payment will be delivered to you by USPS and I will send my shipper to pick it up from you once the check has been cashed. I will add extra $50 to your asking price as I want you to delete the ad immediately and hold it for me. Hope to hear from you with the details to speed up this process. All the best to you,

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