Alright Patricia , we’ve got a deal for $750. I want you to help me send the camera package to my friend’s studio while i will be paying you $120 for the shipping with insurance in addition to your final price n making $870 in total simply because i am presently in the US for work. However, i will be sending you the payment upfront so lemme know if you can help me send it to her then i can send you the payment. Thanks Kayla 🙂

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  1. Ok XXXX , we’ve got a deal. I’ll be paying you $1100 + $100 for the shipping with insurance to a friend’s studio making $1,200 since i wont be available to meet because i work with JetBlue Airways and i am presently out of south philly on duty. However, payment will be made via PayPal so send me a money request of $1,200 from your PayPal account to my ID kayrightla@gmail.com for the payment and lemme know once the request for the payment is sent. Kayla


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