You recently sent us a job application via our posting on Craigslist. We’re happy to inform you that after reading through your application, we want to bring you in for a meeting and discuss the position in-depth. This will be a group session, with our hiring manager present, and four other candidates. First, we ask that you verify the information you sent via your application by obtaining a credit report. This is in keeping with our company policy and standard procedure for any new hires we make. Be advised that a bad credit history does NOT hurt your chances for the position, and is simply to protect the company against possible issues in the future. Click here to receive your report. Once this step of the process has been completed, we will AUTOMATICALLY be notified that you are ready for the meeting. We are looking to get started in the next week or so, and it is imperative we move forward as quickly as possible. Please, DO NOT include any sensitive information in any emails. Please perform this step quickly, as we would like to fill the position very soon. Simply complete this step and I or Mr.White, our HR manager, will get back to you to set up a meeting. We appreciate your interest in our company and we look forward to seeing you soon, —— Kalus Roy Office Manager Homely Furnishings Inc.

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  1. sent the same email definetley a scam no employer should ask for your credit report and definetley shouldnt be sending you an email requesting it. definetley a red flag

    • Thanks for the info just got one was about to reply to form but the credit report souned kind of off. you need to give your ss# so that is sensative info which they clearly state not to send so thanks for letting others like myself knoew that this is a scam .

  2. The Homely Furnishings website has never been set up and will expire next month. The whois info for the website homefurnishings.com is masked by the provider “namescheap.com” A call to them is answered by a machine. The link you’re asked to click appears to go to “handleyourcredit.com” but is redirected on to another site. Handleyourcredit.com is a dead website with no content.

    So….big scam. Just thought you’d like to know some more info.

  3. Yup. I got this too. For reference, I’m in the Philadelphia area, and I had kept the info from the original ad, which stated that the job was in a dentist’s office. Why would a dentist’s office have a website with “furniture” in the name? Just sayin’.

  4. Thanks for the insight guys just received the same exact email, i was really excited to know that i would get paid by week knowing that most companies dont pay by the week, thats why i kind of wanted this to be a legit situation but luckly i look more into it. Shame!! I`m from Philly trying to move to Nyc but i cant do that without a stable job in line, scams like these make it that much harder to land actual good jobs.

  5. I received the same e-mail and said let google the company and I came across this posting. It is sad because we are seriously looking for a job and their are scammers on craiglist. I knew this was an bogus e-mail who e-mails you for a credit report. Once I do the interview and I am an candidate for the job then that should be the next step. I never heard of credit check then interview. We need to report these scammers..

  6. Thank you for the info. I have recently moved here and this is the second attempt to submit my personal details online, but I was skeptical. As you know, its always difficult to trace these people, but they try and hide with known and well established companies. the other one promised to send me a cheque and cash it in my account, then deposit it through Western Union. As soon as I receive it, I will take it to the cops.

  7. These punk ass scammers need to be stoned to death! Just think of how many innocent people seeking employment they actually got over on.

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