You recently sent us a job application via our posting on Craigslist. We’re happy to inform you that after reading through your application, we want to bring you in for a meeting and discuss the position in-depth. This will be a group session, with our hiring manager present, and four other candidates. First, we ask that you verify the information you sent via your application by obtaining a credit report. This is in keeping with our company policy and standard procedure for any new hires we make. Be advised that a bad credit history does NOT hurt your chances for the position, and is simply to protect the company against possible issues in the future. Click here to receive your report. Once this step of the process has been completed, email the confirmation # you receive immediately. We are looking to get started in the next week or so, and it is imperative we move forward as quickly as possible. Please, DO NOT include any sensitive information in any emails. Please perform this step quickly, as we would like to fill the position very soon. Upon receipt of your confirmation #, myself or Mr. Gordon, our assistant manager, will get back to you to set up a meeting. Look forward to seeing you soon. — Justin Gamter Office Manager

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  1. hi im very excited for the opportunity of working for your company. the reason i emailed you, was to obtain a postion with your company. I tried my best to follow ALL steps of the hiring process but unfornatly i do not have the funds to pay for a credit report. all the websites you provided to get your credit report all cost money. Thats why im seeking employment to gain a career and make money.

  2. Thanks for sending us your job application. We’d love to bring you on board.

    Please fill out our online job application via our secure website. Once you do, you will be scheduled for a face-to-face meeting automatically. The meeting will be with our HR Assistant, and five other candidates.

    We’d like to get started as soon as possible, so please complete the online application today. It will NOT be required to pull a credit score during this process.

    Click here now to begin.
    URL: http://ivankaramazov.com/moniter/redirect.php?id=48cae2ue6g

    Thank you, and we hope to see you soon.


    Justin Gamter

    Office Manager

    Cheapest Phone Parts Co.

  3. Through the credit report he now has my social security number…..what a creep. i am notifying the credit agencies of this (and possibly other agencies tat handle fraud) but he should be banned from Craigslist, especially in this era when people desperately need work.

  4. Through the credit report he now has my social security number…..what a creep. i am notifying the credit agencies of this (and law enforcement agencies that handle fraud and identity theft) but he should be banned from Craigslist, especially in this era when people desperately need work. On second thought, he should be locked up!

  5. Realty Office needs Front Desk Person (Philadelphia)
    Body of email – We want to thank you for sending a response to our Craigslist posting. We’re happy to inform you that, after thoroughly reading through the applications, we are interested in discussing the position with you in more detail. As of right now, you are the first and only candidate we are speaking with. Before we set anything up, we’ll need to take care of some logistics. Per our Company Policy, and to protect the Company against liabilities and potential future problems, we require new employees to obtain credit reports. Be aware that a subpar credit history does not disqualify you from this position. The report is simply used to verify your information and to make sure you are who you say you are. We’ve arranged a FREE service to make this process as painless as possible. Click here now to receive your report. Please act quickly, as we cannot move forward without the completion of this step. NEVER include any personal information in your emails. Simply send us the membership ID # (will be in your welcome email), and our office manager will get back to you to set up the meeting. Thank you, and I hope to hear back soon, ——————————- Justin Gamter Office Assistant Cheapest Phone Parts Co.

  6. I just sent you guys my credit report, and I want u to know that this better not be a scam or identity theft. My dad is the Sheriff of Williamson County in Georgetown,Tx and my brother works for Austin Police Department..I wanttovknow who is in charge of harming people that are out here starving to death and now you take from us..You have 24 hours to respond to this post, or I will have to take legal action, the best thing about knowing people when you really need them is awesome because all of your IPC addresses that are being used, the GPS location from your browser and the grateful post on craigslist will allow all of this to come to an end…24 hours ladies and gentlemen or whatever you guys are. I look forward to talking with you and if I don’t then all the info I have already printed out in the last 30 minutes will be taking to a DA’ s office asap. Good day and I promise you I’m not full of BS you have seriously emailed the wrong one…talk to you soon.


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