Hello , Thanks for the inquiry, The apartment is still very much available for rent, I’m the owner of the property.Actually i resided in the apartment with my family before and presently we had packed due to my missionary program in Hanna City, Illinois US (   ) I need someone with an open heart,love and clean to put all my worries off concerning maintenance since i wouldn’t be living there with you, am looking into both Long and short term lease on a month to month/yearly basis. The keys and documents to property are here with me i can’t leave that with someone i don’t trust ,its located in a very nice area & quiet neighborhood, but i still need to make sure it’s rented out to someone who can take good care of it , property includes all facilities such as water Air Conditioning ,Dishwasher, Fireplace, Garage, Washer & Dryer , heat laundry facilities,air condition,internet, telephone access, car park comes with trash collection,pets are allowed as well as long as they are not destructive . I’ll like you to fill out the the questions below =========== RENT APPLICATION FORM ============ 1)Your Full Name 2)Current Address 3)Phone Number 4)Age 5)Occupation 6)Martial Status 7)How many people will be living in the property 8)Do you have a pet 9)Do you have a car 10)Reason for Relocating ? 11)How long are you willing to stay 12)When do you intend to move in P.S If there’s something you don’t understand feel to ask questions, kindly ask for pictures if you didn’t get the attachments Sincerely.

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