Be warned, this company will take your money and never ship your order.

Dear buyer:

Thank you for your inquiry!

Our company has been engaged in the sale of all kinds of mobile phone, camera, usb flash drive, memory card, game console as well as the the OEM business of electronic products.  All the products are brand new, original and will come in their original sealed boxes with manufacturer warranty and all original accessories.

Iphone 5s 16gb/32gb/64gb ( ID:1416):  $175/$185/$195, with free shipping

Samsung Galaxy S5 16GB/32GB/64GB ( ID: 3831 ) : $200/$210/$215, with free shipping

Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500 16GB/32GB/64GB ( ID: 1574) : $135/$145/$155, with free shipping

Apple iPad Air 5th Generation with 16GB/32GB/64GB/128GB + Wi-Fi +Cellular :$145/$150/$155/$160, with free shipping

Ms Aimee
Skype: aimee.wang93
Address: NO.8067 West Xiang’An Rd, Torch High-tech industrial District, Xiang’An, Xiamen, China 361101

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  1. Same here:

    Chinese Scam
    Help me out Help yourself to get rid of the Chinese black sheep for a better future in business between China and the rest of the world:

    I paid $318, receive a fake DHL tracking number, and now been asked for an extra $420 to pay for customs? Classic customs excuse for scam.
    I have asked for a refund, they propose me to buy 5 more i phones!!!

    If you can contact them, or even better their local police to prevent anyone else to get rip off, that would give a better image to China business.

    Here are people concerned:

    Lin Yun Electronics Co., Ltd.
    Mail Add:

    Tel.: +8613121361743
    skype: linyunelec-elaine
    Add: Room 909,homologous Building, Qinghe Third Street, Haidian District ,Beijing

    Beneficiary Name: Huang Lei
    Bank Name: BANK OF CHINA
    Beneficiary Account: 6217852000003631697
    Swift Code: BKCHCNBJ45A
    City: Shenzhen
    Province: Guangdong
    Country: CHINA
    Zip Code: 518000

    And this one too:
    Shenzhen Saige Electronics Co.,Ltd
    yu an yi road 3016, bao an district, shenzhen city, Guangdong province, China 518000

    Bank Name: BANK OF CHINA
    Bank address: xiamen, Fujian, China
    Beneficiary Name: XINGZHEN FAN
    Benecficiary Account number: 423461353502
    Beneficiary Address: shenzhen, guangdong,China
    Zip code: 518000
    Telephone number: +86-15659193169
    Deposit Amount: USD 660

  2. Same here:
    Comany name :Shenzhen Original Science
    Comany address :Duoli Science Building Room 0305, Futian area Meihua Road 105, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China.
    Skype : szgreendin

    Bank transfer:
    Beneficiary name: Feng Wei
    Account Number: 6217856400010950815
    Swift Code: BKCHCN BJ73C
    Bank Address:Futian District,shenzhen city of China

    • Have payed for 4 phones and now he tell me other money for custom tax because he say that phones was in customer office blocked and been asked for an extra 75$ to pay for customs tax

  3. Company Name: Lin Yun Electronics Co., Ltd.
    Don’t bother to go there! They r thieves. They stole 600 usd of mine! Alibaba is a fucking joke! We need to blow the motherf****r up! People work too hard to be ripped off! Some Chinese seller r too stupid to have standards! I f-ing hate Alibaba!

  4. hi
    i have almost done all business dealing with Ms Aimee representative of szgoldelec company ( i searched whether this company is original or fake, i found these articles and then i stopped immediately all the matters with her.
    thanks to God i save my money…

  5. Well, if it sounds tooooooooo gooooooood to be true, then IT IS!!! Their price list is a joke!! Where on earth can you get iPhone 5S for $130???? Yeah, from the scammers!! And don’t blame Alibaba. Do your research first. Deal with trusted sellers! The safest way to pay is via PayPal or Escrow. You will get your money back if anything goes wrong. Or, just check a seller’s selling history. Good luck and be smarter than those scammers!! 🙂

  6. Hi
    I was found this suplayer Gold Elec Electronic Co.,Ltd on you web and contact with your contact email. Recived email from suplayer with price of goods, make order pay for goods $325 and after I was recived fake tracking no: 9120962109 for www, and this number is not recognaize from dhl, Now not ansewr on my emails. Any one can help?

    Regards Robert

    Company name: Gold Elec Electronic Co.,Ltd



    Skype: aimee.wang93

    Address: NO.8060 West Xiang’An Rd, Torch High-tech industrial District, Xiang’An, Xiamen, China 361101

    Account Name: YouYan Wang
    Account Number: 6217 8564 0000 9326 688
    Bank Name: Bank of China Fujian Branch
    Bank Code: BKCH CN BJ 720
    Bank Address: 136 Wusi Road, Fuzhou 350003, Fujian Prov., China

  7. next thief took it from china kase and guwno

    Skype: lanny6306126
    Sales manager : Lanny long
    CompanyShen Zhen Bopook Technology Co.,Ltd
    Address:DaFu Industry GuanLan Town BaoAn District ShenZhen Guang Dong China

  8. Is this company legit?

    First name: Feng
    Last name:Wei
    Address:Futian District,shenzhen city of China
    Zip code:518000
    ID card:452225199311210529
    Birthday :21.11.1993

  9. is this company legit?

    email address

    Company name :shenzhen kederui electronic Co.,Ltd

    Company Address :2#2 xuegang west road ,longgang district ,shenzhen city


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