Sent: Sunday, November 06, 2011
Thanks for the mail, I’m seriously interested =n buying this for my son and am okay with your selling price, I’m a =etroleum Engineer and currently offshore i really want this as a =urprise gift for my son so i won’t let him know anything about this =ntil it get delivered to him. You can mail me back with your paypal =mail address so i can make the payment to you right now and if you =on’t have an account with paypal you can set up an account today as =t’s secured and reliable visit their website on www.paypal.com. Do not worry about =hipping or picking up as my pick up agent will come and pick it up from =ou once have made the payment to you and your full address and phone =umber will be needed for the pickup arrangement I would love to speak =ith you through the phone but due to my work as a Petroleum Engineer i =ork mainly offshore, our phone is down on the rig right now due to bad =eather, We can still communicate through the email exchange for now.I =ill be looking forward to read back from you real soon with the paypal =mail address and your full address including phone number for the =ickup arrangement.

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