You have to read this if you’re real and move through my direction. My pictures and cell phone # are published on my personalized profile so if you love what you see then obtain my # and text/call me today. This is the ONLY way to restrain weirdos and to double check you’re a honest man esp. since I want to host at my home. Im not fake so stop questioning me. If you think I’m not real then goodbye. I’m a hot babe in bedroom so prefer to tell you over the phone what I am looking for in a guy rather than wasting my time and writing here. I just hope you are the real deal too! xoxo www MMMMM net -Sent via my iPhone

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  1. Same darned thing. I was selling a Table Saw on Craigslist, got a e-mail on why I had not responded thru the Craigslist e-mail, as I don’t publish my real e-mail. Responded that it was already sold….BIG MISTAKE! I guess someone hacked the Craigslist e-mail because I have now been inundated with these cheesy Pr0n ads. Someone kill these low-lifes please. Comming from GMX.US and Live mails.

  2. Same thing as commenter above. I’m getting at least five emails a day, all from the server, all different source addresses, and all the same hot babe’s pics. Total crap and it all originated on Craigslist.


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