From: garnet ghaziani
Date: April 12, 2011 2:57:11 PM CDT

Hey XXXX thanks for getting in touch with us. My hubby suggested that we give back like we were helped out, look at this:
A while back, we used to do the same thing as you and try to sell stuff on classified sites and ebay
too. We’d never have a ton of success. A couple days ago a kind soul e-mailed us like we’re
doing right now. They showed us the bidding site. We were startled at the cheap prices the electronics would go
at to the finalist. We gave it a go and would buy laptops for about 60 bucks and would resell them on craigslist for five times the cost
we purchased it at. Since then, we’ve have been getting about 900 a week total profit. You could probably do better, but
it has been a giant help in taking care of the kids. We have finally been able to breathe a little. When my hubby remembered
your ad, he figured it’d only be fair if we shared the secret. 😀
So give it a look and get an account:

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