Hello, Thanks for getting back to me I will like to purchase your furniture but the only way i can pay you is through a Bank Certified Check which i will mail to you using UPS overnight delivery To make sure that everything goes smoothly i would wait for the it to clear before the pickup is done, I will be responsible for the pickup and it will be done by the movers and their payment will be included in the check i mail to you and this is all due to my disability (am deaf) and it makes it hard for me deal with this and it makes the transaction better and quicker. I know you were not expecting this and I would have loved to come for the viewing but i cant I really want it and am offering an extra $50 for you to delete the posting to show i want it as i am just settling into my new house i want good deals to furnish the apartment i stay in. if you are okay with this please send me extra pictures and get back to me with the following Your Full name Your Physical address (as UPS does not deliver to P.o.boxes) I await your response . thank you and stay blessed Emma

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  1. I got a text from this person today saying to e-mail them at that e-mail address. But whenever they say “furniture” instead of specifics I am suspicious. So I Googled the e-mail address. Looks like a scam- avoid this person!

  2. “Interested in your furniture on CL…” >> they did NOT mention the furniture<< "am using friends phone..." The number they used is 815-373-0019 (Chicago) but I am in California. Received 12/3/2014.


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