Hello, Thanks for your prompt e-mail, it was just exactly what i want and can you assure me that i will not be disappointed buying this from you. I am really interested in purchasing your ad. Am a merchant marine and am offshore right now, I will appreciate if you can email me with more picture of it as i won’t be able to see this in person. I want you to answer this question about the item; 1. Are there any other issues with the item not mentioned on Craigslist? I will be glad if you can tell other interested buyers that the item has been sold. I’m offering the exact price listed so please kindly withdraw the ad from Craigslist. I will be paying via PayPal. I can only pay through pay pal at the moment as i do not have access to my bank account online, but i have it attached to my pay pal account, and this is why i insisted on using PayPal to pay. If this is acceptable, advice soon and if you don’t have an account, you can easily create an account fast and easy at I will need you to provide the following information to facilitate the Payment 1.Your PayPal Email Address. 2.Your address for pick up. I will be responsible for moving, I will have my mover who handle my shipping from anywhere in the world come over for the pickup after i have made the payment. Thank you for your time.

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