Hi , I’m ,female, and i am from Netherlands , specifically Harlem .I speak both English and Dutch, and i am 28years single …. My work is all about art and galleries and i will be taken photograph of things,places peoples and i will be working all around city.I am desperately looking for a place to stay..I am the neat type, honest,responsible,trustworthy and hardworking person while I love music allot and I love pets so much,am quiet and easy going person to live with. I’m 5″7′ straight. I always love to go on date but seldom party.. I swim for fun and sometimes play tennis ,i also like watching football,basketball , i don’t keep late nights neither will i have overnight guest around and i know that you will like the kind of person that am.I read your profile about the room and i would really want to secure the room before my arrival,and more so to know if it would be possible for me to pay for the room before my arrival…?I would be glad to see your quick response. Thanks. Eden.

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  1. Got the exact same email a week ago, played along an got a check for $3050.00 sent from North Carolina drawn on an account in Redmond,Washington in the name of Mary,Andrew Walker… with a WellsFargo account . turned it over to the FBI.

  2. Got email from this address two weeks ago! gave her my address, phone number and names and have not gotten any response since! MUST WATCH OUT FOR THIS SCAM !

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