Cornor James

Hello Seller
You have a beautiful item here, and please let me know if this
is still up for sale.


Cornor James
James Cornor


Thanks for the mail consigning buying this item from you, my name is James Cornor and i located at Remsenburg city new york, please i want immediate purchase of this item,for my Admin Officer for the end of term promotion taking up next month, so as to make this transaction fast i will be paying you the sum of $750 for the item and $100 for the
shipping fees so as to close the auction.
Please i will be happy now if you can just send me your paypal e-mail address so as to make the instant payment there because am not in the state to pay the cash in hand.



This is just to informed you that i have deposit the payment to your account and to be sincerely the fund ha been deducted from my account and will will be credited to your account as soon as possible.
So please get this item ship and send shipping tracking number to paypal in other to verified it and get your account credited.
Please shipped this item via USPS EMS international Express mail and get back to me with the tracking number too.

Here is the Shipping Address below

Name : Tosin Ogunkoya
Address : No 1 Tade Sokeye Street
Country : Nigeria
State : Ogun State
City : Abeokuta
Zip Code : 23439

Please get back to me as soon as possible.

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