Hello, Good morning, I will like to thank for your patience and honesty towards this transaction so far. Well, i believe my check should have been delivered to your place by now. The check is for $3,000.00 the over payment is meant to cover the cost of shipment for the Sailboat Mast – Z-Spar 40′ alongside my other properties including tax and insurance plus the movers fee. Here is the movers information you will be needing to send the rest of the money via money gram money transfer below. Name : Kerri Beattie, Address :- 2045 N Marine Blvd Jacksonville, NC 28546 Do let me know your schedule for the week regarding pickup as i have some other properties to be moved alongside the Sailboat Mast – Z-Spar 40′. Please do act accordingly as agreed, you are to go ahead and have the payment deposited into your account upon receipt, you might have to deposit it for a period of 24 hours if need be before the funds are made available to you. As soon as the funds is released you are to deduct your money for the Sailboat Mast – Z-Spar 40′, make the rest fund available to the Coordinator in charge of the Pick up arrangement via Money gram money Transfer at any Walmart around you and get back to me with the transfer details below (as it appears on the receipt) so i can contact the movers for the pick-up at your location …. You are to deduct the Money gram transfer charges from the overage and also $50 for yourself (meant for any hassle or run around) and you get back to me with the Sender’s name and address (as it appears on the money gram receipt) 8 digit Reference number and the actual amount sent after deducting the transfer charges. Hope i can trust you with the over payment? Your Honesty and transparency will be appreciated. Thanks for your patience and understanding. Loren

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